Frequently Asked Questions

What is HAIR NOW, and how does it work?

HAIR NOW Hair Fibers combat baldness and thinning hair by binding 100% natural human hair fibers to your existing hair.  HAIR NOW is a topical cosmetic product that augments your existing hair to give the immediate appearance of thicker, fuller hair. HAIR NOW Hair Fibers are perfect for men and women, and it works on all hair colors and textures.  It does not affect your existing hair growth pattern.

Is HAIR NOW made for hair like mine?

HAIR NOW is the ideal cosmetic hair loss solution for men and woman of all ages, races, and hair textures. HAIR NOW shows the most impressive results on thin, fine hair and bald spots.

Can HAIR NOW be applied to any hair type or style? What if I'm completely bald?

HAIR NOW works with all hair types and textures, from normal to coarse and all textures in between. It will even bond to vellus hair (or “peach fuzz”) and completely bald areas.  We do recommend applying a hair spray or spritz to a completely bald area before applying HAIR NOW Hair Fibers to ensure maximum hold.  Best results are seen on hair that is at least 1/2 inch in length.

Is HAIR NOW only for men?

Absolutely not! HAIR NOW works equally well for women and men.

Does HAIR NOW work for African American hair?

Yes! HAIR NOW works well with ethnic hair. The texture of the Fibers matches very well with the texture of ethnic hair.

Does HAIR NOW work on facial hair?

Yes! We recommend applying a hair spray or spritz to the desired application area before applying HAIR NOW Hair Fibers to ensure maximum hold.

Are the ingredients in HAIR NOW safe?

HAIR NOW is a topical cosmetic product and does not contain any drug ingredients or hair dyes.  It contains only real human hair fibers and is completely safe for topical use.

How can I be sure my HAIR NOW will be delivered discreetly?

The outside shipping carton displays our brand name, but no further indication of the box contents. The HAIR NOW bottle is also completely discreet, displaying only the product name.  Instructions for use are printed only on the individual product box which is concealed during shipping.

How is HAIR NOW different from other hair loss concealers?

HAIR NOW Hair Fibers are unlike typical hair loss concealers. HAIR NOW is not like the liquid products you paint onto the scalp, leaving an unnatural shoe polish-like appearance. Other aerosolized hair loss concealers are made of synthetic and non-hair fibers, such as dyed cotton and rayon. Unlike the competition, HAIR NOW contains only100% natural human hair.

What colors are available for HAIR NOW Hair Fibers?

HAIR NOW currently comes in Black, Dark Brown, Brown, Light Brown, Grey, and Blonde Hair Fibers.

How do I choose a color for my hair?

Choose the color of HAIR NOW Hair Fibers that matches the root of your hair in the thinning/bald area.

What if I have ordered the wrong color?

If you are not satisfied with your color choice, contact us to arrange an exchange or return within 30 days of your original order.

Does HAIR NOW require professional application?

Definitely NOT! Many stylists and barbers distribute HAIR NOW and are quite skilled at its application. They can certainly share their experience and tips with you, but HAIR NOW is designed for self-application while using a mirror.

How long does it take to apply HAIR NOW?

Application time may range from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, depending on the size of the thinning area and your skill level. Your application skill and speed will improve after the first couple uses as you become more comfortable with application technique.

Will the HAIR NOW Hair Fibers fall out or shed?

HAIR NOW will not fall out or shed. It bonds to thin hair and your scalp by static electricity. Fine mist hair spray can be added after HAIR NOW Hair Fibers for an even stronger hold.

Can I comb my hair after applying HAIR NOW?

We recommend you dry and style your hair before applying HAIR NOW. If you need to comb your hair after HAIR NOW application, we suggest minimally using a wide-tooth comb or finger comb the hair to shape into the desired style

How long does one HAIR NOW application last?

Each application will remain in place until you remove by shampooing. For maximum hold, apply a fine mist hair spray to set the fibers between shampoos.

Do I need special shampoo to remove HAIR NOW?

No special shampoo is required. HAIR NOW is easily removed with your normal shampoo.

How long does one bottle of HAIR NOW last?

On average, a 36g bottle of HAIR NOW Hair Fibers will last 30 days with daily use.  Some variation does occur based on size of application area and frequency of use.

Can I use HAIR NOW and Rogaine® (minoxidil) at the same time?

Yes! Apply Rogaine® (minoxidil) first and wait for your scalp to dry completely before applying HAIR NOW Hair Fibers.

Can I take Propecia® (finasteride) while using HAIR NOW?

Yes. HAIR NOW is made of natural hair fibers for topical use, and does not interact with Propecia® (finasteride) or other pharmaceutical drugs for hair growth.

Can I use other hair products with HAIR NOW?

For a stronger hold, we recommend using hairspray after applying HAIR NOW. Allow hair gel to dry completely before applying HAIR NOW. We caution against using hair oils with HAIR NOW Hair Fibers as this can lead to inconsistent application results. If using hair oil, we recommend waiting until the area is dry and oil is absorbed into your hair and/or scalp before applying HAIR NOW.

Can I use a curling iron or flat iron while I use HAIR NOW?

Yes, you may safely use hair irons and apply heat to hair treated with HAIR NOW. To ensure maximum adherence of the Hair Fibers, we recommend you curl or straighten before applying HAIR NOW.

Will HAIR NOW wash out if I sweat, or if my hair gets wet in the rain?

Sweating does not impact the effectiveness of HAIR NOW, and will withstand vigorous sweating during a workout.  HAIR NOW stays in place when exposed to weather conditions as well. For best results, set the Hair Fibers with a fine mist hair spray after application.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Inside the United States, we ship via first class mail and parcels will be delivered within one week. International orders are shipped via Air Mail and arrive in 2-4 weeks.

Is my personal information safe with HAIR NOW?

All customer information is maintained securely. We do not trade, rent or sell customer information to third parties. We value and protect our customers’ privacy.

Can HAIR NOW change my hair growth pattern?

HAIR NOW does not have any affect on your hair growth pattern, as it does not contain any medication or drug component. HAIR NOW contains only 100% natural human hair fibers.

Can I place a wholesale order and resell HAIR NOW to my patients/clients?

Wholesale orders for HAIR NOW Hair Fibers will be accommodated for online merchants, retailers, cosmetic medicine practices (dermatology and plastic surgery including hair restoration), hair salons, hair stylists, and barbers. We have low minimum quantity requirements for wholesale orders and will provide HAIR NOW branded material to support wholesaler promotion (image, video, and printed copy). We welcome you to become a reseller of HAIR NOW Hair Fibers by contacting us

Will HAIR NOW Hair Fibers block new growth from my hair follicles?

HAIR NOW Hair Fibers will not block new growth from your hair follicles.  It is a safe, topical cosmetic product that does not impact natural hair growth patterns

Does HAIR NOW contain dyes?

HAIR NOW does not contain any dyes.  It contains only 100% natural human hair fibers.