What is HAIR NOW?

HAIR NOW Hair Building Fibers is a cosmetic product made from 100% real human hair that allows men and women to conceal the appearance of thinning hair and bald spots, giving the impression of more hair. It does not re-grow hair or stop hair loss; rather, it is only a cosmetic product that hides baldness. It is an easy, painless, and less expensive way, to end the suffering and replace it with a full head of hair!

  • Get Instant Results
  • All-Natural Ingredients
  • Innovative Technology

The Hair Now Difference:

The real human hair fibers used by Hair Now have an innate static charge that ensures that the Fibers attach to any hair type. Imitators made of cotton, plant-based materials and rayon do not have this natural static charge.

Consequently, there is nothing attracting them to the hair, so they tend to clump, shift or fall onto the scalp and look unnatural. Hair Now Hair Fibers are made up of 100% real human hair, which allows the Fibers to blend naturally and appear more realistic.

The hair fibers have a strong natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect, tightly binding Hair Now Hair Fibers to even the finest strands of human hair. Other natural and synthetic Keratin fibers are derived from lower-grade sources like fish bones, nails and hooves, resulting in a texture and appearance that lacks in comparison to Hair Now premium Fibers.

Hair Now innovative technology allows the Fibers to resist wind, rain and perspiration.

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